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Youth Leader Winning Awards

by Diane De La Santos
March 31, 2016

This has been a busy school year for J’Koreyia, a leader in our Youth Program. Last fall, the high school senior was given the Journey to Transformation Award at our Celebration Banquet. Very soon, she’ll receive two more honors: a $3,000 scholarship, and a city-wide award for leadership in youth volunteering.

Dr. Judy Merryfield, President of J’Koreyia’s school, nominated her for the Herb Kohl Initiative Scholarship because of the outstanding job she did, first seeing a need in her high school for the training City on a Hill offers on identifying and removing three levels of racial residue, and then along with our staff, leading these workshops for the entire student body.

J’Koreyia’s ongoing leadership on our youth community service team, coupled with her initiative she took at her school, prompted me to nominate her for the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee's Inspire by Example Youth Award. She was chosen for the award, which she will receive at their ceremony April 7*!

The mentoring J’Koreyia has received, the experiences she’s had, and the responsibilities she’s been given during her five years at City on a Hill have all helped to mold her into the phenomenal leader she is today.

 * if you would like to attend the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee’s 34th Annual Volunteer Celebration, where J'Koreyia will receive her Inspire by Example Award, click here.