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We are working with our partners to implement the YEA! {YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACCELERATOR} INITIATIVE. City on a Hill will host (4) four youth entrepreneurship workshops (once / quarter) to teach new skills and encourage the sharing of entrepreneurial ideas for youth between the ages of 10-18 years old, as well as early professionals under the age of 25 from the lowest income and highest crime neighborhoods in the city.

The initial workshops for the initiative will focus on building lean thinking and problem-solving skills for young entrepreneurs across the city of Milwaukee.

After completion of the workshops, attendees will have the opportunity to access an online virtual community with additional content for learning on a variety of topics like: design thinking, business model canvas 101, financial modeling, prototyping, the art of ideation, marketing, and pitching among others.

Those engaging with online content will have access to one-on-one coaching sessions with quality mentors. One-on-one coaching sessions with entrepreneurial mentors will be delivered for up to 15 participants who want to connect deeper with coaches and peer mentors to help them grow their ideas from concept to reality.

Our approach will follow this framework:

  • Access to Real Entrepreneurs: We pair youth with successful founders from the entrepreneurial community, both locally and from around the globe.
  • Building Skills & Businesses: We inspire youth to develop entrepreneurial skills, and 18 to 25-year-olds to build their own businesses.
  • Peer Community: We connect youth with like-minded peers who can provide a network of support.
  • Engage Startup Community: We immerse youth in the dynamic and growing startup ecosystem.

In 2024, we will utilize a youth entrepreneurship seed fund to finance up to 5 proof-of-concept prototypes for the most compelling ideas based on feedback and viability indicators provided by staff, coaches, and mentors for concepts that solve a community problem in Milwaukee County.

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