Our Story: A Journey of Transformation

Welcome to City on a Hill, where we believe in the power of community to transform cities and families.

In the bustling heart of Milwaukee, a tale of resilience and transformation unfolds across three zip codes—53233, 53208, and 53205—where some of the highest poverty rates in the country cast a shadow over the lives of countless children. Amid the vibrant neighborhoods like Avenues West, Washington Park, and Harambee, these children yearn for a brighter future. In response to the growing cry for change, in 2001, City on a Hill emerged as a beacon of hope, igniting a movement dedicated to healing and transforming lives.

A Turning Point for Milwaukee

As we embarked on adapting our mission for a new era, we knew that breaking the cycle of generational poverty would require more than just words—it would require courageous action. In pursuit of sustainable recovery following a global pandemic, we gathered our community around a shared vision of a world where every child and family could thrive, regardless of their background. With love, compassion, and determination, we set out with unwavering commitment to change lives.

Milwaukee Neighborhoods

A Community United

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to listen and co-design a plan focused on transformation in the lives of urban families in zip codes 53233, 53208, and 53205. We’ve developed a holistic approach that empowers our community members with the spiritual, social, educational, and economic resources they need to reach their full potential. By focusing on these critical areas, we’re restoring hope, reducing poverty, strengthening families, and fostering racial reconciliation.

Our Goal: A Future Free from Poverty

Today, we stand united in our commitment to end poverty in all its forms for the urban families we serve. We’ve set an ambitious goal: to reduce childhood poverty by 50% in the neighborhoods we serve by 2033. Working together with our alumni and partners, we’re dedicated to elevating 1,500 children out of poverty and improving the quality of life in our target zip codes by at least 30%.

The Path to Transformation

As we look to the future, we’re building a legacy of strong and healthy families, supportive communities, and opportunities for children to learn and thrive. Through our faith and our actions, we’re not just changing lives—we’re transforming the fabric of our city.

Join Our Movement

Are you ready to be a part of our story? We invite you to join our movement and help us create a world where every child has the chance to break free from poverty and achieve their dreams. Download our Journey of Transformation to learn more about how you can contribute to this incredible mission.

Together, we can make a difference—one family, one neighborhood, and one city at a time.