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The R3 Workshop History

Created in 2006, The R3 Workshop, widely known as Removing Racial Residue, has been strengthening interactions among people of different ethnic groups in organizations all across the metro Milwaukee area. It is laying a foundation to help build more equitable environments – where people of color can be safe, feel comfortable and thrive, and where people across the spectrum can contribute to open and honest relationships and experience the benefits of diversity.

Feedback over the years has been moving and positive, as we have brought the benefits of this transforming experience to a wide range of corporate and nonprofit medical, educational, youth-serving and faith-based organizations, training more than 5,000 participants in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

City On A Hill R3 Workshop


Despite legislative reforms and social progress, racism continues to hinder America’s pursuit of justice and unity. The R3 Workshop addresses this need by tackling the racial residue in our hearts and minds, laying the foundation for a more just and compassionate society.

The Approach

Our unique methodology combines visual metaphors, personal stories from diverse trainers, and engaging group discussions to help participants identify and remove racial residue. By fostering open and honest dialogue, we create a space for healing, growth, and collective action.

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  • Experience transformative personal growth and understanding
  • Learn practical steps to remove racial residue and foster unity
  • Engage in honest and transparent conversations about race
  • Build stronger, more diverse communities

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