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Created in 2006, The R3 Workshop, widely known as Removing Racial Residue, has been strengthening interactions among people of different ethnic groups in organizations all across the metro Milwaukee area. It is laying a foundation to help build more equitable environments – where people of color can be safe, feel comfortable and thrive, and where people across the spectrum can contribute to open and honest relationships and experience the benefits of diversity.

Feedback over the years has been moving and positive, as we have brought the benefits of this transforming experience to a wide range of corporate and nonprofit medical, educational, youth-serving and faith-based organizations, training more than 5,000 participants in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.


The need for this training has been evident in America since long before the civil war in the 1860s, and is still evident now, long after the civil rights movement of the 1960s and the many legislative reforms that followed – none of which have succeeded in fully removing racism and its damaging effects from our society. Countless incidents and reports during the decades since then – ranging from the 2004 Northwestern University study of widespread employment discrimination in Milwaukee, and the 2014 Annie E. Casey Foundation report of the widening gap between black children and those of other races at all levels of education, to disparities in housing and criminal justice – all make it painfully evident that we will need to work not only at legislative and institutional levels, but also at individual and heart levels, to rid our society of this persistent scourge.


The R3 Workshop uses a visually engaging metaphor of the impact of racism and the residue it creates, along with poignant video clips and storytelling by our trainers. We help people of multiple ethnicities to see the deep and pervasive damage that can be done in a society where race matters in ways that harm people of color. Trainers model how to discuss racial issues with honesty, transparency, emotion and, & even humor. Participants process through the concept of racial residue at three levels and learn practical ways to remove it, heal, and foster greater unity.

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