TMJ4 @ TheTable: City on a Hill is on a mission to end childhood poverty

By: Charles BensonPosted at 9:35 PM, Jan 19, 2023 and last updated 11:14 AM, Jan 20, 2023

MILWAUKEE — Lifting people out of poverty is a tall task but breaking through generational poverty is an even bigger hill to climb.

City on a Hill navigates both challenges.

“We’re on a mission, we say a generation-building mission, to end childhood poverty. One family at a time,” said City on a Hill CEO Art Serna.

That includes facing the challenges created by the pandemic.

“We are seeing that the gaps in the disparities in the needs in Milwaukee have just become even greater,” Serna said @ TheTable. “Both in the areas of mental health (and) emotional resilience for young people.”

City on a Hill recently received a $90,000 grant from the Milwaukee-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation to help meet its long-term goal of ending poverty.

In granting the money, the foundation said, “City on a Hill engages residents by offering opportunities for them to realize their full spiritual, social, educational, and economic potential.”

Serna says the donated dollars are transformational.

“I think when philanthropists look at the work of City on a Hill, they give because they know their dollar will have maximum value. If you’ve looked at our website, we’ve got a holistic set of services and we believe that’s actually fundamentally needed, given the complexity of the problems that families face here in Milwaukee.”

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